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Motorbiker beard mustache and muttonchops.

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Uploaded: 22nd Oct 2014 at 3:58 AM
Hello everyone. I made these three beards for you. These are from a new base game mesh.

These beards are perfect for your biker, cool and modern sims.

I made them from teen to elder sims and have the 18 color swatches.


Motorbiker beard: Is a full beard with a bushy van dyke.

Motorbiker mustache: Is a mustache in a fu-manchu style.

Motorbiker muttonchops: They are sideburns that extends in a mustache.

Any comments would be highly appreciated

Polygon Counts:
Motorbiker beard

526 faces

Motorbiker mustache and motorbiker muttonchops

Both beards has the same polycount

350 faces

Additional Credits:
MTS, CmarNYC Meshtools and s4pe