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Sweetheart Sleepwear Set

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Uploaded: 10th Dec 2014 at 12:05 PM
This set comes with 4 items: a bra, undies, leggings, and a tee! They can all be worn with each other. They all have their own icons EXCEPT for the tee, which is a new swatch under the existing Maxis pocket tee shirt.

The leggings are high waisted and perfect for lounging, sleeping, and especially for sleeping pregnant Sims! They are found in the accessories section under LEGGINGS.

They all come packed into one zip file, but each of them are separate so you can pick and choose just in case you don't want something in this set.

Additional Credits:
Eyes by (checking for this)
Hair by Newsea
Skin by S-Club
Eyelashes by Kijik
Eyelash liner by S-Club
Nails by (checking for this)
Lips should be by JSBoutique