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Ash Brows [Female]

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Uploaded: 16th Nov 2014 at 10:57 AM
These are new, arched eyebrows for TS4. They have their own icon and are of course located in the eyebrow section. As of right now, they only have 10 natural colors. I can add more upon request in the comments. The original texture is from my Cute Brows, but I have tweaked them to make them appear thicker and much more shapely. I did of course give them and arch and fade out the beginning of the eyebrow a little bit. They work beautifully with the eyebrow sliders and will look great in almost any position. They are perfect for making different eyebrow shapes within CAS.

Additional Credits:
Will update soon.

Skin by S-Club
Lashes by S-Club
Eyes by Megary
Hair by [coming soon, need to check]
Birthmark by me