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Upper Crust Separates for Girls

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Uploaded: 15th Dec 2014 at 1:01 AM
My girls always like getting new separates. So here are some more tops and bottoms that your Sims can add to their wardrobes!

The top is a blazer over a flowered shirt. The bottom is a short skirt with funky knee socks. They come in six different colours: purple, pink, blue, gold, turquoise, and black.

These pieces actually use the same colours as my recent Northern Lights Separates for Girls, so they'll match quite nicely. Or, you can mix and match the pieces with whatever you like. (Click the spoiler button to see some examples.)

These pieces use new meshes, which are included. They have working fat morphs (see the dark-skinned blond girl with the microphone, above). No EPs or SPs are required.


Polygon Counts:
blazer = 1392
skirt & socks = 932

Additional Credits:
All hairstyles are by Maxis. The Buddy Holly-style glasses are by tamo and can be found here.