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Thranduil - Elven king

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Uploaded: 3rd Mar 2015 at 7:32 PM
Updated: 9th Mar 2015 at 12:42 AM
Thranduil is one of Tolkien's many characters from Middle Earth. He appears in "the Hobbit" and is the elven king of Mirkwood, and Legolas' father. Thranduil is from Sindar origin (the Eldar blood line), but lives by and rule over the common wood elves (also called Silvan elves). In Peter Jackson's movies, the elf king is adapted by the American actor Lee Pace. I'm afraid you can't simply change the sims hair to get the actors look, as I have mainly focused on the character's look (note eyebrows, eyes, hair line etc.).

Recommended traits: Green Thumb (a must when you live in the middle of a great forest), Charismatic (this guy can make your legs shake just by just a simple look), No sense of humor (the elf king is not known for smiling a lot), Snob (even in battle his hair is irresistible), Brave (something you need to be when you live close to Dol Guldur.

CC packaged with sim:
Thranduil's crown by Ersel
Thranduil's hair by Sintiklia, retextured by Paintstroke
Lively eyes by Shady (contact version)
Long robe from TS3 Store
Eyebrows 04 by Sage
Eyebags by Tifa (I've used the eyeliner version)
Natural lip color by Arisuka

Skintone is not attached to sim, and has to be added manually
A matter of skin by Mamyrocker

Sliders (needed if you want to tweak the sim)
awesomemod and configtool recommended to make sliders 5 x multiplied. If you don't have these mods you can also not tweak the sim.
AWT's sliders
Ahmad's (bella3lek4) 17 CAS sliders
Bloom's crossed eye slider
Jasumi's brow ridge and nosetril definiton
Whiterider's overlip curve
Jonha's head shape slider
One Euro Mutt's sliders (Brow in/out thickness, chin bone height, eyeball size, just eye height, nosetril depth, sunken eyeballs, uneven sliders)
Sage's inner eyelid slider
Tudart's nose curve slider
Wojtek's chin to neck slider (login is needed, but you can do without the slider)

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Additional Credits:
Thanks to fairycake89, SimmyRN, k2m1too, Crowkeeper, tsyokawe, ameenah.n.y, Tigerdyhr, simsgal2227 and gaxili for help with feedback and good support throughout the project!