The Rainbow Rec Centre

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Uploaded: 2nd Jun 2015 at 2:06 PM
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do your sims want to go swimming? play soccer? ice skate? ect? but too poor, lacking space, or just bogged down by over controlling neighbourhood bylaws? if yes than The Rainbow Rec Centre is for you! designed by LeTourneau Architects in the greater sim city area the large public building features a large pool complete with a slide, hot tub, and sauna, a gym filled with a mixture of treadmills, bikes, and weight benches

the 2nd floor houses a small ice rink off of the coffee shop and diner, and a small dance studio,

and the 3rd floor is the indoor basket ball court and a rooftop park with playground overlooking 3 sides of the building including the soccer field behind the building.

the building works great in cities filled with high rises as well as smaller suburban areas, even wealthier rural areas could have it without it looking too out of place.

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""No Peeping" ResiStall Astro Divider 3" by d_unit

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price (furnished): 308,897

Additional Credits:
Peni Griffin for the Name
Everyone on this thread for the feedback and advice