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A Reading Pose Pack

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Uploaded: 12th Jul 2015 at 4:39 PM
Heya! This is my first pose pack for reading poses, it originally started as one pose I needed for a Sim photo and then I got crazy and expanded it to a total of 6 poses. This pack is pose list compatible. Please enjoy!

Due to the different way each pose holds the book, there is no one size fits all book accessory, instead the books are floating objects that fit nicely into the hands if you do not use ALT positioning. I've labelled each book with its corresponding pose, so it should be easy to work out. For the most part, the poses should properly sit on furniture that is not ALT positioned, the exceptions are read_1 and read_4, I couldn't figure out how thick the wall actually was, so the model will clip into it unfortunately.

Read_4 has the model lying on the floor, if you wish for them to be placed higher eg: a bed you'll need to either use OSMP or the Player Add-ons.

You will need to ALT position the table for read_6 so it doesn't clip into the model's knee.

Also Included in this pack are the book props. The books are found in Misc Decor and comes in 5 overlays: The Lord of the Rings trilogy (with text converted to Simlish) and 2 generic covers. They are not recolourable.

Name: Book for Read#,
Found: Misc Decor
Price: $1

Polygon Counts:
152 Faces

Additional Credits:
cmomoney Pose Player