Bin working as a toilet (Tutorial item)

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Uploaded 25th Jul 2015 at 11:33 AM · Updated 4th Mar 2019 at 9:12 PM by Bakie

If you want to learn how to make a this exact same item that's a Tuning Mod with detailed possibilities, please watch my Youtube Tutorial Video:
The Sims 4 Tutorial: How to make a Tuning Mod (Moderate) (it's only 4.43 minutes long)

UPDATED on 4 March 2019
This mod has been updated to work with the latest Stranger Ville patch! Before you couldn't get to the toilet, this is fixed now. Delete the old file and add this one instead!

Bin working as a toilet
When following the tutorial above, you will end with the exact same item as shown here.
It's a bin that will work as a toilet, but with no possibility to sit on it, no flush animations and no pregnancy test enabled.
Because of the fact they can't sit on it, it will only work for men and not if they have to go to the toilet really bad! In those cases, even men want to sit. So if it doesn't work for you, let them visit a normal toilet first and after that use the bin to pee in.
This urine-bin will also have an urine colored trash texture.
Why I made this exact item? I don't know, but there will be probably people who can use it in story telling or something. Just let me know in the comments why you downloaded this item!

Object information:
It's a standalone, so it doesn't override any other bin in your game.
You can find it in Buymode > Toilets>
Thumbnail will only show you the bin, but as it's in the toilet section, you can't miss it.
The cost are 40 Simoleons.

Game Requirements:
The Sims 4 Full Game

I Hope you like it and will give me some credit if used in uploaded houses!
You may share my creations, but always give me credit and don't upload my creations anywhere else. Just link back to this page.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Sims 4 Studio
Thanks Adobe for making Photoshop