Belladonna Cove's Archimedes Arcade ~ Refurbished and under new management

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A new 2022 Update - with only 4 CC - is available now!

Some walls/floors may be from this bundle:
- The Lifestyle Build Bundle wallpapers/floors. (It's the second link in the top post - extracted from Lifestyle Stories by Argon/MATY) This 'bundle' lives back in my Bins folder so it doesn't have the CC star. If you ever enter one of my builds and find it has blank/unpapered walls/floors, it is because they are from this bundle and I didn't realize it. So, either substitute the wall/floor of your choice, or go get this bundle and re-install the lot (from your lot bin.)

Used, and not included: - go get them if you want them:
- TS2 Store - Oh Baby! items from GoS.

Custom Content Included:
- CarinalightStairs and RECs by Numenor & Chrissy/MTS2
- Steadfast Stairs Open Underneath by HugeLunatic(HL)/Sims2Artists
- SteadfastModularStairsCornerMESH by Spaik-Repo'd by HugeLunatic(HL)/Sims2Artists
- Steps of Style - mirrored by AnoeskaB/TSR

Lot Size: 3x3 (same as the original)
Lot Price (furnished): $168,277

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Original post follows ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now with more fun for the little kiddo's
...more fun for the mid-sized kids
...more fun for the teens
...and more fun for the college-aged kids!
Plus - even MORE fun for adults and elders!
Under new management ~ all the way from BellaDonna Cove
The ALL new:

(BTW - that big blank spot on the top right wall? That's where the billboard/sign goes... after you make it)

Cat finally got her hands on Archimedes Arcade, and fixed it up like she wanted. So far all the reviews have been positive, so I thought I'd share. Did you know old-lady Crumple-butt is a Poker Diva? She stayed at the tables all night long the other night! *sheesh* Anyway, the newly revised floorplan offers up "more fun" for all ages, than ever before.

Looking at the floorplan below you can see the new Kiddo Kingdom Indoor Playground in the left side building (with the blue interior.) This is a great play place, especially when the weather is bad. It has all the accouterments your babies and toddlers will need (if you have a way to bring them to a Community lot!) and it offers a lot of things to keep your older kiddo's busy too.

The building along the back of the property houses the regular arcade games. There you will also find an Espresso counter, and the bathrooms (those seemed to need to go together!) LOL!

In the building at the front right corner, you will find a Game Store and the 'Back Room' Bar. Be sure to scroll through all the pictures above for more details on each of the different areas.

The second level floorplan picture (below) shows that the playground is a two-story area.

And, over the arcade/game room is where you'll find Mrs. C's beloved Poker Tables with a pool table over the bathrooms - and another bar. You can't have a poker game with out liquid refreshments now, can you?

The red area is the dance floor of the club over the 'Back Room' bar. That's right, up the spiral staircases in the back of the building is the entrance to the most happenin' Dance Club ever! The club is actually two stories - the second level of the club features an observation balcony with some comfy couches for those that are tired of dancing (yeah, that's it - tired of dancing. Heh!)

This level shows the observation/balcony of the dance club and a completely empty area over the top of the playground - feel free to add whatever more you want!

NOTE: A copy of this lot was playtested; however, no sim has ever set foot on the property you will download.

Necessary, and NOT included - GO get them:
An invisible floor - I recommend Frillen's Invisible Tile - you will probably need to invisify the mid-level floor in the playground area. It's easy to do - you just place a tile on the floor/ceiling and shift-click. TaDa - all gone floor tiles!
Numenor's Unlevel Wall - #90 (only necessary if walls are missing - it means I used the unlevel wall instead of "CFE" while building. If walls are missing, exit without saving and add Numenor's Unlevel Wall to your DL folder before loading this house again)
And, as always, I highly recommend:
Menaceman's Lunatech Lighting Fix

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): N/A

Custom Content Included:
- Steadfast Fence (red) by Chrissy6930 @ TSR
- Modern Fence Low 2(White) by lirunchik @ BPS
- Modern Fence Low(White) by lirunchik @ BPS
- carinalightstairs by Numenor @ MTS2
- modularsteadfaststairs by chrissy6930 @ TSR
- Steps_of_Style_mirrored by AnoeskaB @ TSR
- modularsteadfaststairs_burnt by chrissy6930 @ TSR
- TwoTileOldWorldSmallWindow by fway @ MTS2
- Belhooven_PrivacyWindow_Double by MaryLou @ MTS2
- SteadfastModularStairsCornerBurnt by Spaik @ TSR
- SteadfastModularStairsCornerMESH by Spaik @ TSR
- gothic_MaxisWideCurtains by cyclonesue @ TSR
- ActivityTable_REPLACEMENT by Irma @ MTS2
- ActivityTable_RC_blueflower by Irma @ MTS2
- OFB_BreechPrivacy by HugeLunatic @ MTS2
- carinalightstairs_black by chrissy6930 @ TSR
- carinalightstairs_oldbrass by chrissy6930 @ TSR
- wallsizemirrordropdown by Windkeeper @ TSR
- counter-dummy_commercial by HoneyWell @ MTS2
- counter-dummy_island by HoneyWell @ MTS2
- tinyceilinglight_July19 by senesi2003 @ MTS2

Additional Credits:
Thank you EAxis for this wonderful game
And, MTS2 for this terrific website!