No blank bubbles/Translation for Debug Cheats

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Uploaded: 13th Dec 2015 at 1:31 AM
Updated: 26th Feb 2019 at 7:40 PM - Update!
  • 26/02/19: Update for EP06 Get Famous Expansion Pack.
  • 26/02/19: Added fixes for Delete object command and removing moddlets.
  • 06/01/18: Added core script mod.
  • 28/11/17: Uploaded merged file for all games languages and updated for EP04 "Cats & Dogs". If you use other language different from Spanish, use this file.
  • 28/11/17: Uploaded Spanish file for EP04 "Cats & Dogs". I have also completed some strings I left incomplete.
  • 16/07/16: Corrected Russian translations and added Dutch translations.
  • 21/12/15: Updated for Get Together.
  • 13/12/15: Initial release.

The way this mod works is by translating text strings in debug cheats. When playing the game in a language different than English, using debug cheats, some blubbles will appear empty. My mod adds those missing strings so non-English players can see all the options.

Notice that I only provide full Spanish tanslation. For the rest of the game languages, you have a merged file with the text strings in English.
Anyway, if someone wants to share with me the updated translated strings, fell free to do it and I will upload to the downloads section).

This mod is dependant of the core mod that enables debug cheats, you can download it from the Downloads section. Also, the core mode isn't my work, all credits goes to scumbumbo ( Also, I add another mod from scumbumbo that contains fixes for the Destroy object command and removing moddlets. I highly recommend to download this one and use it in combination of the core mode.

The individual language files will remain outdated. I will only update them if someone wants to provide me the translations.

Important!!: Make sure you have enabled Script Mods (Menu>Game options>Other>Script mods) in your game options to make this mod functional.