Rock seats - Maxis mesh edit

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Uploaded: 13th Dec 2015 at 10:08 AM
As I was building my CC lot "Jungle Adventure", I desired to have these. Stones are important stuff for me to build nature landscape like valley, waterfall etc. Now, I am happy to be able to make it by myself.

Look, the friends are getting together and sitting on stone-group.

These are two rocks as functional chair and bench. I have made the Maxis large rock and large boulder smaller, and, I have made the surface of those two rock a bit flat to match the seat-surfaces. I have kept the round underground part of the rocks, so that I can also heighten them and and see them from bottom. It is more pratical to use them to build cave and waterfall than using the four base game stones with flat bottoms. The rocke are now both build stuff and buy stuff.

In this example, you see: Sims can sit on the floating rocks. Isn't that cool?

Build tip:
Since the rock bench has only three grid footprints. It is possible to place it to the edge of pool. We can see that part of this rock is in water. The other part is still functional. I've used for the screenshot below the Lazy Day Couch Pose Set by flowerchamber. It is wonderful to see how Sims use this rock to have a rest. :D

In this screenshot, I show you the comparsion beween the two original Maxis rocks liberated by plasticbox and my edit of rock seats. I am pleased to have these beautiful rocks in smaller size, since we can resize it large size, but not resize it smaller in game. By the way, If you enlarge the two rock seats. They will be just stones, no more seats.

You will find it under buy mode/comfort and under build mode/rock
Cost: 1

Polygon Counts:
144 (rock chair), 112 (rock bench)

Additional Credits:
Sims4Studio and blender for mesh edit;
Tutuorial "Creat a new object mesh from an existing mesh" by orangemittens;