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AF Requests 35: Fries with EggToast Or Chicken

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Uploaded: 23rd Aug 2016 at 3:57 PM
AF Requests 35: Fried Chicken & Fries and Egg toast & Fries
Requested by quinarachilla

Do your sims like eating fries all day long? Do your sims love fries with their egg toast and their chicken. Well, here are the meals that you and your sims have been waiting for. Both of these meals are cloned from pancakes and serve up to 10 people. You already know that I made these meals filling enough for your sims to walk out the door satisfied.

Fried Chicken & Fries-

A platter of Fried chicken and french fries served up with ketchup. This meal is found during lunch and dinner in the AF Requests fridge tab.

From fridge-854
In plate-1606

Egg Toast & Fries-

Another simple breakfast for your sims. This meal consists of a toast that is coated with sunny side up eggs with fries on the side. Your sims will find this meal available in AF requests tab during breakfast.

From fridge-717
In plate-718

Additional Credits:
I like to give thanks and credit to the people who support me and request the ideas for fantastic foods. Simpe, Adobe photoshop, milkshape 3d, google and yahoo images, and recipe.com has also helped me along the way.