AF Requests 37: Icecream Pot

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Uploaded: 13th Sep 2016 at 10:48 PM
AF Requests 37: Icecream Pot
Requested by: NamiSakura

This request was very fun and entertaining to create. It took me long because I didn't quite know how to start it off. The moment I began making ideas, it became new experience. Icecream Pot is great for spring or summer parties. Yes! Your sims are actually eating an icecream treat from a flower pot. To make real icecream pot, you will need to insert a plastic,paper, or silicone cup before placing it into the flower pot. No one wants flower pot clay in their icecream. When the icream is placed in the cup, it is topped with flowers,cookie flowers,gummie bugs, gummie worms, and a cookie. You will find this meal among the many AF requests desserts in the “AF Requests PreM” tab. It's cloned from gelatin and is great for sim businesses. Enjoy.


In Plate-972

--Further Details--
Serving size-10
Hunger satisfaction- 86 (Large)
Cloned- Gelatin

Additional Credits:
'll like to give thanks to google images, yahoo images, wiki,, simpe, milkshap3d, and the people who request their ideas.