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EmberRise Magazine Racks ( 2 Recolors for Deluxe Magazine Rack)

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Uploaded: 4th Jun 2015 at 3:00 PM
EmberRise is an active city with charming and friendly people. In most cases, EmberRise is known by some for it's celebrities, food, and main attractions. If your Sims can't reach the EmberRise city, why not let them check it out through the resources?

These Magazine Racks show some of the things that go on in EmberRise. Here is what your sims will see.

1. Seconds Meals Magazines- These magazines are supposedly cooking magazines where the seconds family share some of their experimental recipes.

2. Bloom Bubble- Magazine filled with EmberRise Fashion and Cosmetics.

3. Kids! Mag- A magazine for kids keeping them active, goal oriented, and promoting an imagination.

4. EmberRise Living- A magazine that gives clear guidance and information for sims who are planning on settling in EmberRise.

5. Archie Comics and Puzzle Books- Although these aren't from EmberRIse, The people of the city sure don't mind entertaining themselves with these books. EmberRise Elders seem to snatch crossword puzzles to keep their minds and eyes sharp. As for the Archie Comics, tweens and kids love them.

Further Details: These Magazines Racks are RECOLORS. I have also made them meshes just in case I am capable of creating the actual EmberRise magazines for the near future. Look forward to those.

Additional Credits:
Additional Credits go out to Yahoo images, SimPE, adobe Photoshop, and Archie Comics.