City of the damned

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Uploaded: 17th Oct 2016 at 6:37 PM
Old, abandoned city, haunted by the spirits of the dead residents.
The city has a school, laboratory, abandoned shops including one second-hand shop, residential building with 3 flats, a restaurant, 2 bars.
Under the city there is underground metro, a lot of corridors and dark corners which leads to unexplored places.

Many years ago there was a church in the city, but after the great fire, stayed only a single tower and part of the walls.
In the middle of the ruins you can find small stairs to the underground crypt, which is also connected to the underground metro corridors.
Next to the church there is a small square with a fountain. Through the city flows a small river, dirty and polluted.

Residential building is an old tenement with 3 flats and basement. All flats have living rooms connected with kitchen, separate bathrooms and small bedrooms.

Parcel contains a lot of custom content, but you do not have to download it if you do not want. It's up to you, but you need to notice that without these objects lot might look different.
Some of the objects (trees, cars, mannequins, rocks) was enlarged using code. After placing the lot they probably return to normal size, so you need to enlarge them back.
I used some objects from buydebug mode and bb.moveobjects cheat.

Required the latest update with Day of the Dead Challenge (
and free Holiday Celebration Pack

List of the building:

- school- canteen, school room, lockers, art room, computer room, small library, toilets
- laboratory- small lab, office room
- a small bar
- restaurant
- second-hand shop with clothes
- empty shop
- church tower and ruins
- residential lot witch 3 flats, two single bed, one double
- madman room
- underground metro station
- old spooky crypt with skulls
- underground swimming pool with blood water and mannequins

Custom content:

Old wallpaper
Old painted wall- pink
Old painted wall- green
Old wallpaper
Old wallpaper
Old wallpapers
Metro walls
Old wallpapers
Old floor
Old stone walls
Graffiti walls
Walls, trees, windows, doors
Terrain paints
Asphalt terrains
Water pool styles
Painting blackboard recolor
Grungy curtains

Lot Size: 50x50
Lot Price (furnished): 384,684
Lot Price (unfurnished): 226,629