Triquetra earrings (Conversion)

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Uploaded 11th Feb 2017 at 12:38 PM

pair of triquetra earrings

This is a conversion on my triquetra earrings that I made for The sims 4. I hope you guy's will enjoy it in your sims 3 game.

This Celtic knot work symbol presents 3 different things (triangle) a kind of circle "Life, Death, and Rebirth"
or you can see it as elements "Land, Air and Sea." there are many meanings of this symbol,
but I made this custom content because i like the design of it.

this custom content looks a bit odd in CAS on high stettings, its because of the lighting. In-game its normal

3 different colors and you can find the earrings under accessories
see picture
  • Gold
  • Dark silver
  • Silver



game play pictures of the earrings

Polygon Counts:
High level of detail:
843 Vertices
1194 Faces

Medium level of detail:
742 Vertices
994 Faces

Low level of detail:
692 Vertices
898 Faces

Additional Credits:
Photoshop - for making textures
blender - for editing the mesh
TSRW - for making the simspack
Sims3Pack Multi Installer by Delphy- for converting simspack to package file
MilkShape - for editing

Accessory Type: Earrings
Age: Teen Young Adult Adult Elder
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Gender: Female

Tags: #earrings, #sims3, #4t3, #Conversion, #Triquetra