Set of "Hippie" Art

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Uploaded: 30th Jun 2017 at 2:26 AM
Updated: 30th Jun 2017 at 2:17 AM
This is a set of "Hippie" artwork I made for Joandsarah77's Community Spirit competition. For round three I chose the Rhodes family. The couple are hippies and retired artists and were a load of fun to build for and play. I built them a derelict factory and they have covered the walls with "their" artwork. The set was requested by yavannatw and so, with the help of Lili975 in my WCIF thread, here they are. They are all in Decorative/Paintings in the catalogue and most of them are recolours of three different Maxis meshes but one does require a custom mesh.

The three smaller pictures are recolours of Inverted Vertigo (Frank Zappa and Jimi Hendrix) and Great Films Movie Posters (the lion). All three cost 60 simoleans.

This is the only one that requires a custom mesh found under subwaygraffittimesh1 and the cost is 5 simoleans. I wanted the graffitti to look not quite finished like the rest of their house.

The rest of the images are recolours of Untitiled by Len Bledgemann and cost 2,700 simoleans. What can I say my hippies have expensive tastes.

Image credits are as follows:
Frank Zappa here
Jimi Hendrix and the lion here
Purple Jimi Hendrix here
Love here
Love shines here
Sun here
Peace here
Peace graffitti here
Don't Hate Meditate here
Eye (PAINTED BY:Selina Huntley) here
Tree here
I am Free here
and Woman here

Additional Credits:
Thanks go to Joandsarah77 for hosting the competition and Inge and Peter Jones for SimPE