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The Recycled Rhodes House

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Uploaded: 4th Aug 2017 at 9:31 AM
Updated: 17th Aug 2017 at 4:16 AM - I uploaded the wrong house! Why didn't anybody tell me!?
Important Notice: If you downloaded this house before 8/16/2017, you got the wrong house and why didn't anybody tell me before?!?! I've been sleep deprived and zipped up the much-smaller Walters house. Now that someone's finally told me I've removed that one and put up the correct one and I hope all 88 of you who downloaded to date enjoy both.

Made originally for Joandsarah's Community Spirit foundation contest, this was not my highest scoring house, but it was the one received with the most enthusiasm, including requests to upload it, so here it is. The contest requirements were to build on the provided foundation for a couple of retired hippy artists, who were into recycling, wanted a large fruit and vegetable garden, and needed a flamingo in the yard, with a hard price limit of $35,000.

People who followed that thread will note that the carpet and ceiling in the trailer are not the same as in the original, as I accidentally used an extracted Castaways floor on the ceiling (shells and pebbles) and an extracted Life Stories one on the floor (ratty orange-and-gray). This cost me the no-CC bonus, and I made an empty CC free AnyGameStarter game to build in from that point on. This version is packaged from the original lot, moved to the AGS setup, and the accidental CC replaced. Playtesting and in-use pictures were all shot in a copy of the lot in my full game. The one in the zip has never been inhabited, and all accidental CC has been scrubbed out with Clean Installer.

If you look closely at the pictures, you can see where the trailer was put on cinderblocks to match the height of the cabin foundation; where a small addition, mostly made of barn panels. was built to join the two structures; that the wood stove in the studio is on tile so it won't burn a hole in the floor; that seaweed is being used to fertilize the garden; and that many of the household items are repurposed, homemade, or salvaged. There's plenty of room left to add your own recycled CC objects; or you can just stack pots and sewn items everywhere till it's time to hit the Renfaire circuit again. The terrain paint is sandy because I was envisioning my contest neighborhood as a barrier island, but it could also be placed in a clearing in the woods (though you'd have to find something besides seaweed to fertilize with).

It was gobs of fun to build and I hope will be gobs of fun to play with, too. Peace out!

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): $34,999

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Joandsarah for hosting the contest; to everybody in the contest, who were so encouraging and liked the house so much; to the makers of Clean Installer for helping me get rid of that pesky CC; and to the makers of AGS for giving me a place to build risk-free.