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Manufactured Homes from the Simulated Housing Corporation

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Uploaded: 5th Sep 2016 at 12:14 AM
Updated: 5th Sep 2016 at 6:14 AM
Is your town growing faster than hidebound traditional architects can keep up? Do you need space for your growing family to live, learn, and make friends? Are newly-graduated college students moving back home in droves just when their parents had finished converting their rooms to hobby uses? The Simulated Housing Corporation is here to help you with exciting, innovative manufactured homes!

Our standard lot design features a common playground/picnic area and three units, suitable either for rental or for housing an extended family in a happy balance of privacy and togetherness. Unlike "trailers" and "doublewides," the sturdy prefabricated buildings are constructed of only the best, most economically sound materials and have floor plans large enough to accommodate the needs of elders, adults, teens, children, toddlers, babies, and pets in near-infinite combinations. Enclosed yards allow tenants to safely secure their children and pets, install their own gardens, or indulge their own hobbies; while the beautifully landscaped common area encourages connections between households. You'll never lack for a babysitter or a friend to play chess with. All units have combined kitchen/living areas, wall-to-wall carpeting, and acoustical tile ceilings with reticulated splines. (We all know how important those splines are!) Depending on the infrastructure available in the area, utilities may be electrical, propane, or a mixture of both; all appropriate hookups are included.

Unit 1 (5/2, $2,852) has the most flexible floor plan. Our sample unit is furnished and decorated for a family with two children and a toddler, with a convenient study well away from the temptations of common and living areas; but there's also plenty of space for Grandma to enjoy her twilight years in the bosom of her loving family, a group of young graduates to share expenses without being perennially in each other's hair, or even an artist's colony.

Unit 2 (3/2, $3,030), in the rear, boasts the largest living area, the largest enclosed yard, and the most privacy. Our sample unit is furnished for a family of four plus a cat, with the smallest bedroom utilized as a study: the perfect home for a growing family.

Unit 3 (2/1; $1,977), the smallest and most affordable of the homes on offer, still has plenty of room for entertaining. The relative smallness of the enclosed yard is made up for by the readiest access to the picnic area and basketball hoop. Equally suitable for young singles, newlyweds, or empty-nesters, our sample Unit 3 has been furnished for a young married couple with a dog; with a study ready for transformation into a nursery as soon as need arises.

That's enough sales pitch. Awhile ago Apocalypticautumn asked if I had any plans to build apartments for Widespot, as her population was expanding and she was needing some rental space. I remembered I had some "emergency compound shelters" from my private play sitting in my bin. It shouldn't take long to strip the CC out of one of the ur-lots for those and redecorate them to look more like something that would pop up in Widespot ready for the population explosion, right?

All my AGS games being committed to ongoing projects, I had to build in my full game, sorry. That's everything except for the Happy Holidays SP.

The lot is 4x3 and the units, as you can see by the floorplans, are huge for apartments. This is because I wanted them to be usable for long-term family use, and I personally have a hard time running large families in small places. If you're continually frustrated at how little room there is for children and their stuff in the premade apartments that actually have playgrounds, this is the lot for you. I've played these floorplans with absurdly large extended families (and their pets) in all units, and with the Newson and Ottomas families in conjunction with one of Widespot's single mothers, and there's plenty of room to run wild and place all your toddler items with no lag and surprisingly few routing fails, though you may start wanting bunkbeds almost at once. The placement of the common areas makes inter-tenant interaction easy to track, and the picnic area is positioned so that most sims will serve meals inside first, most of the time. You'll probably want to rotate the camera to view Unit 2 from the rear of the lot when playing it, but otherwise the sight lines are clear.

Bear in mind, if you move in a family with a dog, that the yards will be perceived as "indoors" by the code for purposes of housebreaking. So your sims will probably have to be obnoxious and let their pets do their business in the common area. All mess will be gone when the neighbors are played, though!

The 7z file includes both a converted and an unconverted iteration of the lot. The unconverted lot is included to make editing the units and common area as easy as possible for players with different tastes than mine, and also for players with a bigger households mod who think it would be fun to play a family compound, perhaps as a vacation property. All CC that tried to ride along has been stripped out with Clean Installer. All populated pictures were taken during playtest in copies of the hood. The packaged lots have never been played and are as clean as I can make them.

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price (furnished): $91,209
Rental Range: $1,977 to $3,030

Additional Credits:
Thanks to apocalypticautumn for the request (I may finish that complex for singles yet, too), and for all the people on the Creator Feedback thread; and to the programmers of the Clean Installer, for making it possible to detect and throw out stowaways.