Couple Troubles Animation

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Uploaded: 1st May 2018 at 4:30 PM
Updated: 1st May 2018 at 4:23 PM

Couple animation for Pose Player.

The animation features two Sims, one will attempt to embrace the other, but the embrace is rejected by their partner. The animation is not looped, so will reset back to initial position with a small jump in the movement. The entire animation lasts for about 20 seconds. It's designed to be used with a double bed with no foot board, or raised bed posts (see previews for examples).

Due to the nature of Pose Player it can be difficult to ensure that animations start at the same time and sync properly together. To help with this I've included a static Pose as well. I've found its best to que your Sims to first preform the static pose, pause the game, then que the animation, cancelling the static pose whilst the game is still paused. Once unpaused the animation should start perfectly in sync.

Feel free to use this animation in your stories and/or blogs but please credit me by linking to either this page or my Tumblr page.

To see a preview of the animation in motion please click here. The link will take you to OneDrive, you do not need an account to view the animation, just select "No Thanks" at the bottom of the box that pops up if you're asked.

Static Preview:

Set Up Position:

The Pose Knight should be facing towards the end of the bed (away from the headboard), positioned in the center of the bed.

You will need Pose Player to run the animation.