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Uni Rebel Skirts for Teens with CatOfEvilGenius Leggings

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Uploaded: 4th Jul 2018 at 12:39 PM

I saw that puremorphin from MTS made the University rebel skirts for teens, and I always liked the University rebel skirts but hated the choice of leggings they came with... CatOfEvilGenius from MTS has lovely legging textures that all my adults wear... So why not put them together and make something better!

I have frankensteined together the University rebel skirts from puremorphin with the lovely leggings made by CatOfEvilGenius to create 3 skirts with black leggings, 3 with grey leggings, and 3 skirts with no leggings!

These skirts are designed for teen females and will use the base game miniskirt mesh, so no mesh is needed. You should be able to find them in the bottoms section when your either in Create-a-sim, or buying clothes from a clothes rack.

I was originally going to keep these for personal use but felt others may enjoy them as well!

~ Thank you! puremorphin for the Uni Rebel Skirts HERE
~ Thank you! CatOfEvilGenius for the Black and Gray Legging Textures from HERE

ALL CREDIT goes to puremorphin and CatOfEvilGenius for their textures!

Additional Credits:
puremorphin for the Uni Rebel Skirts
CatOfEvilGenius for the Legging Textures
Body Shop
Microsoft Paint