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RK800 Connor (Sim) by LadySpira

Downloaded 34,143 times 342 Thanks  Say Thanks! 106 Favourited 70,894 Views
Uploaded: 1st Aug 2018 at 6:37 PM
Updated: 2nd Jun 2020 at 12:08 PM
Connor is a CyberLife RK-series prototype, model RK800, serial #313 248 317.
He was released in August, 2038. He is designed to investigate and deal with
deviant androids and assist the Detroit City Police Department therein.


UPDATE (08-01-2020) Final Connor update! CC updated and included.

UPDATE (23-08-2018) I've made some minor changes (only slider adjustments) since after creating other characters from the game, Connor suddenly looked like a little boy in comparison.

Sim Category: Male / Young Adult


Thank you for choosing an RK800 & Happy (android) simming!

Additional Credits:
Detroit: Become Human (Game)
All creators of the featuring CC
Original Comparison Pictures Source #1 + Source #2