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New Year, New Sims (Rebuilt Worlds)

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Uploaded: 17th Feb 2019 at 2:49 PM
I have heard many people complain that the standard sims get on their nerves. Seeing the same sims everywhere for years on end is boring. Having the same houses that are decorated terribly is boring. So it was with that thought in mind that I have remade every lot and every sim in the game. This contains NO CC! Everything in these lots and on the sims is from Base game, free updates or Official packs. If you do not have a pack, that I have, the save will still work, you just wont be able to see those items or worlds.

Every world has been rebuilt, many with their own theme.
  • Willow Creek
    Midwest Theme
    Residential: 17 homes
    Community: 4 lots, 2 restaurants, pool and a park.
    Households: 8 households, 2 households of 1, 3 households of 2, 3 households of 4.

  • Oasis Springs
    Indian, African, Middle Eastern, Southwestern and Mexico themes.
    Residential: 15 homes
    Community: 6 lots, 2 restaurants, 2 parks, cafe, and lounge
    Households: 8 households. 2 households of 3, 5 households of 4, 1 household of 6.

  • Newcrest
    Asian Theme
    Residential: 11 homes
    Community: 4 lots, Restaurant, spa, park, and nightclub.
    Households: 6 households, 2 households of 2, 1 household of 3, 2 households of 4 and 1 household of 5.

  • Magnolia Promenade
    Community Theme
    Residential: 0
    Community: 4 lots, 2 retail, restaurant and a nightclub.
    Households: 0

  • Windenburg
    European Theme
    Residential: 17 homes
    Community: 7 standard lots, restaurant, bar, library, lounge, vet, park and karaoke bar. Plus the Chalet, Bluff and Ruins.
    Households: 9 households, 4 households of 1, 1 households of 3, 3 households of 4, 1 household of 6.

  • San Myshuno
    New York Theme
    Residential: 23 apartment homes
    Community: 7 lots, 2 restaurants, 2 karaoke bars, nightclub, lounge and a park.
    Households: 12 households, 1 household of 1, 2 households of 2, 4 households of 3, 1 household of 4, 1 household of 5, and 1 household of 6.

  • Forgotten Hollow
    Spooky Theme
    Residential: 4 homes
    Community: 1 lot, a restaurant.
    Households: 3 households, 2 household of 3, 1 household of 7

  • Brindleton Bay
    Northeastern American Theme
    Residential: 10 homes
    Community: 6 lots, A gym, restaurant, park, lounge, bar and night club.
    Households: 6 households, 1 household of 2, 1 household of 4, 2 households of 5, and 1 household of 6.

  • Del Sol Valley
    South American Theme
    Residential: 7 homes
    Community: 4 lots, 2 restaurants, park and a lounge.
    Households: 4 households, 1 household of 1, 1 household of 2, 1 household of 3, and 1 household of 4.

  • Granite Hills
    1 tent camp site
    4 cabins
    1 Nat park.
  • Selvadorada
    4 cabins
    Night club
    National park

Every Sim in this world has been created by me. Many of them come with professions and skills already. Many of them have background stories added. Every family and Sim is unique. The worlds also have open lots for you own sims to join in the fun. There are many bars, nightclubs, restaurants, parks and lounges. There is a library, spa, gym, vet, retail space. You will find several venues ready to host your dream wedding. I have put about a months worth of work in to this and I hope you enjoy it.

To Install this is easy. Just unpack it into the saves folder of your game folder. The game file is saved as a very high number which should not conflict with you own saves but if it does, just renumber it. Enjoy!