Base Game T.O.O.Led Save File 2.0 (Updated October 2020)

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Uploaded: 16th Aug 2020 at 12:36 PM
Updated: 19th Dec 2020 at 3:59 PM - Updated text.


In this update:

Fixes from previous version

- Fixed an issue where if you owned seasons the skating rink would overlap the Wedding Arch and Guest Seating in Pendula View. The Arch and Seating have been moved closer to the water front to prevent this.
- Fixed an issue in Sage Estate and Willow Creek Recreation Ground where even though the kids could use the Jungle Gyms guardians/caretakers could not play as monster. Now they can!
- Edited the magical tree in Creek Recreation Ground (had forgotten to add magical grass and decor)
- Removed the Cowplant from Foundry Cove, was hoping that off lot it would naturally get fed by Sims passing. As it kept dying however I have removed it.

If you encounter any issues please comment down below and will edit for any future updates.

- Oasis Spring has been now been 'lightly' T.O.O.Led

Including Renovated Burner's and Builder's, Mirage Apartments (The New 'Roomies' House), Slipshod Trailer Park (Where Johnny Zest and other residents live), Barry The Dinosaur (The residents of Bedrock Strait really do wake-up to a Dinosaur now!) and much more.

- Relationships have been added to fix the issue of 'BBFs' and Roomates only being acquaintances or not knowing each other at all!

- Lore has been added! Inspired by PlesantSims I have added Lore and History to the Worlds.

- Further iterations of classic Maxis families have been added. Including some deceased.

Examples - Bella and Mortimer's Parents Tombstones are now in the family graveyard and their lives imprinted on the family tree.
- Nighat Caliente's Urn is on the Hallway Bookcase. After griving the loss of their mother the sisters have move in their friend Luisa Libros.
- The Inkbeard's and Goldbeard's have been added to continue their family feud in the Sims 4
- Ever wondered what became of Nervous Subject? He's moved to Oasis Springs, stop by his house and find out.
- Bella's brother Michael Bachelor has returned, not only to live in Willow Creek but also returned to the Goth Family tree.

New Familes - Ragley Rich! Ragley owns nothing (Apart from the deed to her lot) With 0 Simoleons can you help her achieve her dream of being richer than the Landgrabb's?
- Grimm. Skyla Grimm has come along way since wondering round Willow Creek in the nude! She now live with her Husband Skyrim and their toddler in Oasis Springs.
- Along with the Inkbeards came the 'Parrrrrty Household'. How will Ahmed's parent cope now their only son has flown the nest to live with boys? Drop in on the Barbarossa Household and decide how they'll spend their elder years

CC - No CC is needed but similar to Version 1.1 if you have my MTSCushion Pack these items are included throughout the homes. If you have my most recent creation The Goth Family Portrait (Base Game Version) The Portrait will be on display Ophelia Villa.
If you don't have these in your Mods folder you'll get a message saying items removed when you open the lot.

Thanks to everyone downloaded the first release and for your feedback. :D


Welcome to my T.O.O.Led Base Game Starter Save File!
Using TwistedMexi's T.O.O.L Mod and Only The Sims 4 Base Game hopefully I have made Willow Creek and Oasis Springs feel more 'open' and added a bit of realism to the world with a fresh look whilst trying to retain my own personal imagining of EA's Vision. With more amenities Off Lot to keep your sims busy. In Willow Creek there is now a Park in every Neighborhood and access to Sylvan Glade in all areas. The Telescope is also available in some neighborhoods to save cluttering your lots with a overly large telescope. Live in Courtyard Lane and need a workout but don't fancy a loading screen to the gym? That's okay Mr. Pleasant has a Gym in his back yard (Off Lot) I'm sure he won't mind! Mrs. Rose who lives opposite has a Hot Tub in her backyard (Off Lot). In edition to physical changes to both Willow Creek and Oasis Springs, I have added relationships and lore and characters from previous Sims Games to bring the communities to life. The Inkbeards and the Goldbeards genuinely dislike each other. The BFF are actually friends. The Goths a now an aristocratic family with their deceased parents on the family tree, buried in the backyard. Maybe Uncle Michael can stop Cassandra and Alexander growing gloomy! Please Note TwistedMexi's MOD is NOT required to enjoy this Save. I would definitely recommend checking it out though as it is a remarkable building tool. If You have my MTSCusionPack and MTSGothFamilyPortrait (Base Game Version) They will appear in the save file. Feedback is appreciated as is any constructive criticism, Thank you for you time. - CommodoreLezmo

My CC Cushions on MTS's For Save file 1.1

Additional Credits:
Special Thanks

Mod The Sims
The Sims Team
The Sims Community
ALL Sims YouTubers
Tessany (Used Hillside Apartments as a shell for Mirage Apartments)
Omri147 (Used edited versions of Inkbeards, Goldbeards and Luisa Libros)

With additional thanks to Jessie McNamara (a.k.a Plumbella) and Cindy (a.ka Pleasant Sims)


It has been brought to myself attention that non-wild plants T.O.O.Led off lot can possibly cause inventory bugs for your Sims come update time (this can be fixed using MC Command Center), this is not something I have experienced as of yet but I would rather be prepared! If this is something you have experienced or are worried about experiencing Download Version 1.3. I have removed the additional off lot planters just in case and replaced with decorative plants.

Thank you so much your feedback is super helpful :D