Lot Imposter Window Lights

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Uploaded: 3rd Mar 2019 at 5:24 AM
Updated: 8th Mar 2019 at 9:33 PM - added conflict & community playtest notes
Lot Imposter Window Lights

This is a “lighted” wall overlay that’s visible from the neighborhood. Lovely at night for giving your playable lots the illusion of being lighted. Not as lovely during the day.
  • Lighting Miscellaneous/ §1
  • Comes with a warm and white light.
  • 6 Bright Recolors
  • All overlays can be removed from your game completely by deleting the package from your downloads folder.
PLACEMENT & USE: With the walls up (roof off) attach the overlay to the top of the grid in front of any windows or doors you’d like to appear lit. The overlays are hidden in live mode. Use the hammer to delete. The L key toggles between day and night.

ISSUES: The lot imposter doesn’t always appear lit in the neighborhood view. Entering an unoccupied lot that has all of the same light colors (or placing them if no lot exists) and saving seems to be the most reliable way to update the lot imposters and “turn the lights on” but you have no control over how the light effect will display.

I recommend you watch the how to video if you're downloading these. I add lights to Calamity Hills and highlight any issues as I encounter them.

PLAYTEST NOTES from you guys:
  • Roux and Maxon (here and in youtube comments) theorized that for these to work on apartment lots they have to be applied to the base lot when it's being built. iCad shared some pics and playtest notes on tumblr and confirmed that.
  • Jo has confirmed these do not work with the HoodLODBuild set to improve Maxis windows in hood view by Klaarti and Leefish.
  • iCad on adding these to an unoccupied uni hood: "So, apparently an unoccupied apartment "base" lot will push the whole neighborhood to light, like a normal unoccupied residential lot will, whereas an unoccupied dorm will not." See full post. 03-08-19


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Additional Credits:
SimPE, Milkshape, and Photoshop. iCad for the inspiration, netmicro for the enter/exit bhav and MTS for hosting.