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Sophisticated Blouse and Skirt

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Uploaded: 17th May 2019 at 11:40 PM
Sophisticated Blouse and Skirt

A bit of a change from my usual uploads here; I come bearing gifts for your simmies wardrobes! This outfit was inspired by a number of costumes worn by Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell) on The Americans, which is my all time favourite TV show (hopefully you can expect some sims from the show soon!). I originally uploaded this outfit to my tumblr two years ago, however I didn't know how to make morphs and there were clipping issues when in-game. I have now fixed the clipping issues and added a fat morph!

The oufit is a cute little frankenmesh I made using the following parts: Bunhead's Claire Dress and io's shirt mashup (using bits by Tantra and Skell). I have kept the original three shirt colours by io, however I have added three more recolours made using actions by Poppet. There is a fat morph included (it's more curvaceous than fat really), but no pregnant morph; this is due to clipping issues that made the preg morph look ugly, so I decided to scrap it. The textures are by io, Tantra, Skell, EA and me.
  • Adult-Elder Female
  • Everyday, Formal, Outerwear
  • Polycount = 2284
  • Fat Morph included

I hope you enjoy these outfits! :lovestruc

Additional Credits:
Thanks to all of the Custom Content creators who have made any custom content worn by my sims! All sims featured in this upload are by me. Thanks to ModtheSims for being awesome! xxx