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Pride Flags for your Walls

10,338 Downloads 170 Thanks  Thanks 62 Favourited 16,665 Views
Uploaded: 12th Jun 2019 at 7:29 PM
Updated: 3rd Mar 2020 at 2:00 AM - Updated by request
Hey y'all! This mod is a collection of wall-hanging pride flags in a 1x2 vertical format or 3x2 horizontal format! All new meshes, basegame-compatible!

The flags can be found in decorative -> wall hangings -> LGBT Pride Flag (this is the ingame name for both versions), and each have swatches for all the flags in the pack. Included is a swatch for the rainbow pride flag, its more colorful original iteration, the Philly pride flag, two lesbian flag variants (the more recognizable iteration that has been circulating recently and a sapphic lesbian pride flag), the transgender pride flag, the nonbinary pride flag, the bisexual pride flag, the pansexual pride flag, the asexual pride flag, and the demisexual pride flag.

Enjoy, and happy pride!

Polygon Counts:
1470 high quality,
598 medium quality

Both versions of the flag are ยง1 (one simoleon) each.