Agriculture Major

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As promised a few months back when I shared the Pasty Chef Major (Whoa...just took a look and realized that was in January. Time really does fly.), here is the Agriculture one. Being on a playing hiatus off-and-on (which is now in effect again ) obviously delayed things.

For a bit of added realism, this major was made for my sims that plan on becoming farmers/working at a sim owned farm-type business, but still wish to attend college first.

It is also perfect for those who use Squinge's Mega College Pack, which allows young adults to attend university in the main neighborhood. As previously stated, if not for Squinge's mod, none of my sims would get to go to college as I have zero interest in playing actual uni neighborhoods.

This major will NOT overwrite any of the Maxis majors. It was cloned from the Philosophy major, and has it's own unique GUID from my personal block. I have played through the entire uni cycle (a few times now) in a heavily modded game and did not encounter any issues.

Class Schedule:

Freshman 1 - What is Agriculture?
Skill Requirements - (1) Mechanical, (1) Logic, (1) Creativity

Freshman 2 - Horticulture 101: Let's Begin
Skill Requirements - (1) Body, (1) Creativity, (1) Cleaning

Sophomore 1 - The Importance of Natural Resources
Skill Requirements - (1) Cooking, (1) Creativity, (1) Cleaning

Sophomore 2 - Soils and Pesticides: What's in Yours?
Skill Requirements - (1) Mechanical, (1) Body, (1) Cleaning

Junior 1 - Business 101: Number Crunching
Skill Requirements - (1) Mechanical, (1) Logic

Junior 2 - Agriculture and Technology
Skill Requirements - (1) Mechanical, (1) Logic

Senior 1 - Alternative Food Sources
Skill Requirements - (1) Cooking, (1) Body

Senior 2 - Senior Project: Visit a Local Farm
Skill Requirements - (1) Cooking, (1) Logic

Total Skill Requirement: (3) Cooking, (4) Mechanical, (3) Body, (4) Logic, (3) Creativity, (3) Cleaning

All classes are only one-hour long ('cause my sims have better things to do) - final exams are the usual amount of time...unless you have a mod that changes that. I use the One-Hour Exam mod by Nopke.

Start times for all of the first (1) semesters are from 9a - 10a (0900 hours)

Start times for all of the second (2) semesters are from 11a - 12p (1100 hours)

Please note: I suggest using the Buyable Semester Tester (No Pop-Ups version) by Larky (post #88). I know a number of people use Frika's Majors Made Easier, but it appears to only work in the university neighborhoods and would serve no purpose if you use Squinge's Mega College Pack mod.

If you would like to see an example of how to use the Larky's version of the Semester Tester, see my posting with images here.

Hope you get some enjoyment out of using this major in your game.

Happy Simming!

Additional Credits: SimPE Nysha (who's excellent tutorial was the reason I started making majors for my game in the first place)
Larky - Semester Tester
kisspng (for the icon)