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Hogwarts wardrobe | Fan made stuff pack | iSandor

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Uploaded: 25th Nov 2019 at 12:20 AM
Hello guys!!

Today I'm here with something different I've been working on since last month: a stuff pack of clothes Harry Potter inspired!

The plan would be post it at Halloween, but I couldn't make it. So, it's here now!!

There are, in total, 11 sets. All of them are base game required, except the "quidditch" and the "triwizard - task 2".

We've got the following sets:

- Hogwarts uniform;
- Quidditch uniform;
- Triwizard task 2;
- Triwizard task 3;
- Deathly Hallows jacket;
- Deathly Hallows sign t-shirt;
- Hogwarts crest t-shirt;
- Hogwarts houses jacket;
- Hogwarts houses crest t-shirt;
- The houses of Hogwarts jackets;
- HP colored t-shirts.

In total, there are 47 new swatches!!

This pack is only for male clothing... I'm already working on a female version!

I hope you guys like it!!

Potterheads, see you next time!!