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Uploaded 11th May 2020 at 1:53 AM

Hi, people!!

As I'm working in a big and special lot based in the X-Men franchise, I decided to make another items in this theme.

I ended up with some clothes, some wallpapers and some decorative objects.

Here we can have a look at the clothes!!

Unfortunately, I made them only for male... (I'm having some issues with recoloring female clothes). You can find 18 swatches in three sets:

a) 1ST set:

It's a simple shirt with the X-Men logo (and details written in simlish).

b) 2ND set:

A single winter cloth (I don't know the exactly name for it in english... but... language fact: in portuguese it's called "blusa de frio".

c) 3RD set:

14 swatches of "blusas de frio" x-men themed! You can find it in two versions: one with only the character image and another one where I added their name written in simlish!

You can easily find them in CAS, as shown in the image below:


Hope you guys like it!

Soon I'll be finishing the lot (big, big massive lot), and I"ll post it here, as long as the others items I have created.

Thanks for downloading!