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Bluthner Upright Piano

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Uploaded: 18th Apr 2020 at 3:26 PM
This is the second of three uprights (for now!) I wanted to share, before moving onto the grands.

This piano is based on a 1924 built upright from Bluthner of Leipzig, Germany.

There are three versions; satin black, faded walnut, and highly contrasting grain rosewood, which were common on Bluthner pianos of the period
Bluthners were, and still are widely exported, so will fit in well to any sims home!

Use the alt key, to place exactly where you wish. If you are into more realistic building, a piano should be placed against an internal wall, never an outside one.

You can find it in the creative subsection of Activities & skills, or by searching for "Bluthner" and it costs $8000

Hope you like it!

Polygon Counts:
Poly counts are

LOD0 2744
LOD1 1678
LOD2 949