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Bechstein Upright Piano

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Uploaded: 18th Apr 2020 at 11:43 AM
This modern upright piano is my impression of the current model 124 by C.Bechstein of Germany.
As good as the other pianos are out there, they are, like the maxis one, almost all WAY over scale. I have done the best I can to rectify this, and to make a few pianos (yes i have made a few more) that will fit in better with all the fab content I have from all the talented creators out there. Enjoy!

Polygon Counts:
lod0 3383
lod1 1411
lod2 884

You can find it in Activities & Skills, subsection Creative or simply search "Bechstein"
It costs $18000. In reality you won't get a brand new one of these in Europe for less than 22000 Euros, so a bargain really!!