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No More Ungrateful Sims

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Uploaded: 7th May 2020 at 8:27 PM
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What this mod does:

Overrides the Friendly and Romantic "Give Gift" interaction so that sims will no longer get a sad moodlet or lose relationship from giving disliked (failed) gifts, nor will sims act annoyed when receiving said gift.

When disliked gifts are received, the person giving the gift will no longer receive a sad "Useless Gift" buff, in fact, they won't receive a buff at all. Instead, the person receiving the gift will receive a small 'Happy' moodlet called "Well Intentioned". Both sims will also gain a small amount of relationship from these "Well Intentioned" gifts, friendship for friendly gifts and romance for romantic gifts.

What this mod doesn't do:

1.) Change the interaction for liked (successful) gifts. Both the sim giving the liked gift and the sim receiving said gift will still get the regular "Lovely Surprise" and "Giving Spirit" buff from gifts that are liked.

2.) Change interactions with Father Winter. Whether your sims were on the naughty or nice list, they will still react to his gifts the same way as always.

3.) Change "Funny" or "Mean" gifts. "Funny" gifts will still increase relationship and "Mean" gifts will still decrease relationship.


This mod may conflict with any other mods that change the way gifts are received or given. More specifically, it overrides almost all "si_Touching_GiveGift" interaction files, as well as the "loot_GiveGift_Failure" file, any other mod that alters those files may conflict.