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Everyone Can Sleep Together

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Uploaded: 2nd May 2020 at 11:47 AM
Hello! First and foremost... this is my very first mod so forgive me if there are any bugs or I missed an interaction somewhere; I tested almost every relationship type I could think of but, if I missed one, let me know and I'll update this mod.

So basically, EA's super restrictive limits on who sims could share a bed with always bugged me so I made a mod to change it from best friends and lovers to everyone! This mod allows your sims to sleep in a double bed with any other sim (as long as they've greeted them at least once), whether that be your sim's lover, close friend, worst nemesis, or that one sim they introduced themselves to once and then never spoke to again! This works for sims of all ages except toddlers and babies since they can only sleep in toddler beds and bassinets.

It's basically an updated version of Shimrod101's super outdated mod "Share Beds with Everyone", but I made it from scratch so I can't promise it's exactly the same...

This mod may conflict with any other mods that change the way sims share a bed (more specifically this mod changes only the "snippet/testSet_ShareBed" file, so any mod that also changes that specific file may conflict)