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Wooden Modern House

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Uploaded: 14th May 2020 at 9:22 PM
Updated: 14th May 2020 at 10:54 PM
Sul sul!

This house is a modern looking wooden house, located in Umbrage Manor. It features brown and some white wood tones as so as dark rock tones. It has a big entrance, a big kitchen with an island, a pool, an outside dinnign table with barbecue, a hot tub and much more for you to explore. Your sims will love to spend time in the outside and the inside of this house, because it is great in those both aspects.

Hope you and your sims enjoy this building as much as I enjoyed building it!


- this build does not require any type of CC
- please enable the cheat bb.moveobjects for a better experience

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 217.318 simoleons