Marty's Homestead

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Uploaded: 21st Aug 2020 at 5:48 PM
Marty's Homestead

Recently I caught a glimpse of a TV show called Homestead Rescue and it inspired me to build a tiny homestead house. I've popped a chicken coop on the plot and lots of trees to give it the illusion of being in the middle of the forest. I hope you like it.

The house has one bedroom on a mezzanine level, which overlooks the lounge area below.

Custom Content not Included

Window boxes from Bespoke build set

Window Boxes by Honeywell at MTS

Chicken coop from Counting your Chickens
Chicken coop by Sun&Moon at Plumb Bob Keep

Lot Size: 3x1
Lot Price (furnished): 45,076

Custom Content Included:
- Pine and White wood wall panels from Traditional Wood Wall Panel Set by Sailfindragon at MTS