Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder Collectable Concert Posters Series 1

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This is my first two sets of gig posters I have completed that I am sharing with you today. The real life posters these are based on are by artists: Munk One, Rhys Cooper, Paul Jackson, Brad Klausen, Ken Taylor, Justin Erickson, Brandon Heart. The only way to buy them now is to find a reseller on sites such as Ebay as they were only available for purchase at the concerts these poster were created for and have sold out a long time ago. Since buying all these posters would be super expensive on the secondary market why not get them for your Sims instead?

These prints are a recolor of the base game poster Ode to Jazz so everyone can enjoy these works of art.

These posters are 420 Simoleons and can be found in the Decorative Wall section of the catalog however, searching for "Collectable Concert Posters" will take you right to them.

Each poster at the very least has a black, white, and brown frame swatch but most of them have more than that as I tried to give them frames that complemented the colors in each poster.

I have plans to do more Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder posters in the future but this is what I have done for now.

I will be uploading Pearl Jam t-shirts and hats very soon to complete the concert merchandise buying experience. However, if you aren't a big fan of Pearl Jam or Eddie Vedder don't fret because I have more bands in the works.

Nine Inch Nails is next on my list so stay tuned!!

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