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91 Additional easel paintings - Leonid Afremov Picture Collection!

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Uploaded: 2nd Jul 2021 at 7:07 PM
Hello everyone!

Until today I was a silent user of this awesome site. Since I love my Sims paiting on easels I decided to create my own Picture Collection. I am a big Fan of the Russian–Israeli/American Artist Leonid Afremov, who sadly just died 2 years ago. To honor him and his art, I created a Collection of my favourite paintings.

The Picture Collection will show up in the pie menue as a new category called "Leonid Afremov Picture Collection". It will not override any of the existing paintings, it will just add 91 additional paintings for your Sims to paint.

It consists of:
- 45 landscape sized paintings (125$)
- 32 large sized paintings (100$)
- 14 super-sized paintings (150$)

I hope you enjoy my first creation!