Black Family Tapestry 3 tiles - Harry Potter Series

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Uploaded: 5th Aug 2021 at 11:30 PM
Updated: 14th Aug 2021 at 1:23 PM
Hey, Potterheads!

I'm a huge fans of Harry Potter series, and i'm currently making a whole Wizarding World neighborhood. When I was building the Grimmauld Place Number 12, I realized that I need the Black Family tapestry but I couldn't find the original version (like in the movies) anywhere. So, I made this one by myself.

I took the original photo from here (because it has the best quality), and I made this 3 tiles painting from the original Maxis' painting called Cantankerous Splatters that came with Nightlife expansion pack. So, Nightlife EP is required to view this recolor.

In game, you can find this Black Family tapestry in Decoration > Wall Hanging > Cantankerous Splatters (I have posted the images above). I also made the 4 tiles version here. Hope you like it.

Made with love by ladybaroness

Credit: SimPE by Quaxi
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