Cat's Corner - A Library for Kids & Toddlers

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Uploaded: 7th Sep 2021 at 9:58 AM
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Somebody HAD to say it. Somebody had to point out that there were no fun learning facilities available for the younger Sim generations. Just large, boring old Libraries that contained the same boring old décor and same boring old options. And true enough. Nobody said anything.

But one morning, a lot that was empty, wasn't empty anymore. Out of the blue, and overnight, a cat shaped building appeared - and boy! Was it colorful! Of course, the Sims, being the curious creatures that they are, rushed over to see what the building could possibly be. To their surprise, it was filled with children's books, toys, a snack corner, a toddler bathroom facility and even beds where the parents could read their little ones to sleep when they got tired while they're there. The older kids could now study at a science table or just brush up on their art skills at the drawing desks. They could do their homework away from home or simply unwind on the Jungle Jim outside. There was a fridge available so the children could snack and feeding chairs for the toddler kind.

Major Humphry Simpton, stood outside the building, scratching his balding head. Things like this don't just pop up out of thin air! He looked around as if the answer would be around there somewhere. He caught a glimpse of Ms. Simplebottom, the local school's headmaster. There was an odd smile on her face and a strange sparkle in her eye. She saw Major Simpton look at her. She winked and left.

The mystery still isn't solved, but at last the kids can have a spot where their intellect can be developed, without their fun being disturbed. And Major Simpton knew that the future of New Crest, has never looked brighter.