Macro-Mart General Shopping Store

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Uploaded 29th Jan 2022 at 1:12 AM · Updated 31st Jan 2022 at 9:48 PM by SimoleonPrincess

This is a supermarket that fulfills its objective, fill the basket, and satisfy the primary needs of all simnation, of course we have that modest shabby on the outside like a touch of nostalgia for the frantic days, while inside everything is neat, nice and clean, your sims can always count on the old friend of discounts, and perhaps love will be found in the next product to be purchased.


Construction: Grocery, Shop

Architecture: Functional Trade

Style: Urban, Vintage

Gardening: Around the building

Foundation: None

Amenities: Music, Seating, Grenache stall, Stopping

Tricks used: moveobjects

Lightning: Left by frontview

I´d specialy thanks to Mootilda for the Turn on/off lights and the Sims2Pack Clean Installer Enjoy it so much!