Sumidero - Town in the Water Grooves

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Uploaded: 10th Dec 2021 at 7:24 AM
Updated: 10th Dec 2021 at 7:41 AM
This is a terrain so ideal for some kind of Suburb on the outskirts of the main district, the plan has two sides to divide businesses from residential zone and give that look of a housing complex in midtown. It can also be perfect to upgrowth a little but interesting Downtown with its full city and condominiums next to the residences of the population...
The trough flow down by two grooves that provide that feeling that the water is not stagnant in the town but it is certainly going somewhere.

Without further addon...
HERE THE data:

► Map type: Plateau with Drain canyon
► Landscaping: Bifurcated Grooves and a water storing lagoon
► City Mapping: Center and dual.
► Playability: Visible area with default camera.
► Map geography: 90% Earthy.
► Ground level: 2th flat from Sea level.
► Neighborhood size: Little.
► Habitable zonning: Flattened.
► Town growth: Midtown or maybe downtown.
► Roads extension: Minimalist.
► Terrain covered by roads: 25%.
► Functionality: All kind of hood or subhood type. Especially for suburban district, university or a bitty downtown with every terraintype.

Magifique, tanks for download and enjoy!