Sailor Venus

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Uploaded 2nd Jun 2005 at 10:07 AM · Updated 3rd Jun 2005 at 1:57 PM by thunderbreak

I know everyone probably thought I was dead, but I'm back. Technically it's actually my computer that came back, the silly thing died. My guess is something new and serious hit me and crashed my old Windows, so in order to keep my old stuff on the hard drive and still fix the problem I had to get a new hard drive, then immediatly my CPU failed on me too, so I went throught a lot in the last while

Anyways, I promised everyone I'd make her, so here she is. Aino Minako aka Sailor Venus. I couldn't have done this myself, at the beginning I was quite worried, then aardvarkams jumped in and rescued me by spending her precious time and making custom meshes for me. So if you are around Amy, you have my deepest gratitude :bow:

I've decided to start using .zip instead of .rar due to the demands, people who have WinRAR can open .zip files anyways. The hair mesh and bow tie meshes are included in the .zip file I've uploaded. The sailor uniform is a recolor of my old Mars uniform, so if you don't have the mesh, here's the link.

Recently I'm just slowly coming back to life, but eventually I'll catch up and finish the projects I've piled up. Thank you everyone for your support