Pleasantview Playable Sims (BROKEN RAR)

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Created by Ryy
Uploaded: 14th Aug 2022 at 7:27 PM
Updated: 23rd Oct 2022 at 3:57 PM
Hey there! Sorry for the delay, I don’t really talk on MTS a lot but the mod has a broken RAR. I cannot fix it right now because my laptop is broken, therefore, you may need to have till Christmas before I can actually do anything however I can help with my knowledge.

This doesn't include their personality, bio, family, relationships, interests or skills so you have to manually set those, You can go to the Sims Wiki for their personalities, interests, etc. You can set family in CAS when you intend to add them! Another thing, the closeups only show the sims with the Basegame, so you don't really need any packs since their basegame sims but if you use any defaults, they'll look different.

Do you not want to have endlessly extract sims from SimPE? Do you want Alexander's smexy face but don't have SimPE at all? Well you're in luck!

I have extracted every playable (includes some non-playables because they are still relevant to the Lore/Story aspects of the Pleasantview) and now you can do to your hearts content whatever you want with those sims. If you don't want a sim such as Michael Bachelor, when you open it in WinRAR, please read the README note. You can find the character by the last 5 digits on the package file. I plan to make more for Strangetown and Veronaville characters and if I get a request to do more then I'll go ahead. I'm not planning on doing ancestral sims though, someone has already made that. These sims won't bring any corruption, thanks to meetmetotheriver! So no sim will crash you game when you open Bodyshop/CAS. Feel free to mess with their genetics or do anything you want with them!

< However, incase you don't know how to install Sims.
Go to your documents, EA Games, The Sims 2. If you don't have a folder called 'SavedSims', create a folder called 'SavedSims' and put all the sims inside of there. Don't make folders inside of 'SavedSims' and put sims in there, because it won't show that Sim inside.

Just a final note: I forgot to include Lucy Burb so she's a separate download.


meetmetoriver - Thanks to meetmetoriver, all these sims should be fine to have in your game as they are free of corruption

SimPE - Our lord and saviour for extracting these sims.