Fabulous Farmer Aspiration

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Uploaded: 18th Aug 2022 at 6:36 PM
Updated: 29th Aug 2022 at 8:58 PM
Update 8/29/22: Small update to fix some string errors, to make the Encourage to Bloom interaction more reliable, and to replace the Purchase an Animal objective because it was buggy.

Fabulous Farmer Aspiration

This is a very small mod that adds one new aspiration to the game: Fabulous Farmer. I was always sad that the Country Caretaker aspiration from Cottage Living was focused only on the new content and didn't have any goals that included base game gardening, so this mod is essentially a hybrid of that aspiration and the Freelance Botanist aspiration.

The reward trait for completing this aspiration is a new trait called Farming Fiend, which will increase your farm animals' lifespans and gives you two new interactions: "Encourage to Bloom" and "Share Gardening Secrets". If you choose "Encourage to Bloom", any garden plant will immediately enter the blossoming phase. Note that this will allow giant crops to immediately be harvestable, whereas normal garden plants will still take a few in game hours before they will bear fruit. "Share Garden Secrets" will give a large skill gain boost to any Sim you give it to, which is useful for your multi-generation farmers!

NOTE: In order to avoid a needless script that injects literally two interactions, this mod requires the XML Injector. You only need one copy in the game, so no need to reinstall if you already have it. If you don't already have it, you can get it here: https://scumbumbomods.com/xml-injector

Happy Simming! ~JS