5 Day Work Week: Choose Your Own Work Hours (v2.12)

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Uploaded: 6th Apr 2022 at 2:43 PM
Updated: 9th Aug 2022 at 4:43 AM
UPDATE 8/8/22: This mod has been updated and is working with the latest patch. I've completely restructured how the work hours are being set to eliminate bugs where Sims were getting stuck in their careers and to fix bugs with loading data from save files. I've also tested with MCCC's career outfit function and all seems to be in order. EDIT - Reupdated to address a bug where some career objectives weren't completing. Please update to the newest version and let me know if this bug persists!

I've also tested with HSY's active student career and it will work, however if you choose different times for students to have school then students who have different hours may be sent to the rabbithole if you're already following a student. Note: While this will work for active careers, if you choose too short of a workday then not all goals may be accomplishable in time.

Thank you all for your patience with me, and let me know if you run into any bugs with the current version!

Mod Description:
Tired of your vampires working the day shift at the hospital? Playing a runaway teen challenge and you want them to work full time? Maybe you just want all of your Sims to work full time even at the top levels of their career. Now, you can choose your own work hours from a set of full and part time options.

This is NOT an override; it will work on any EA and modded careers that have regular work hours. It will even work on school hours for kids! (It will not work on freelance, odd job, quest, or other similar careers.)

Thank you so much to flauschtrud, drift91, and lenadhel for all of your help testing!!

This mod must be unzipped and installed just like any other mod. Like all script mods, it cannot be placed any more than one folder deep in your mods folder. This mod will generate a folder for savedata from the mod - please do not delete this! It is a harmless bit of data that will allow your careers to persist when you reload your game.

How to Use:
To set custom work hours, simply click on your sim's phone and choose "Ask To Change Work Schedule." A series of notifications will pop-up which will allow you to specify which work hours you would like. If notifications don't pop up immediately, try canceling what your sim is doing as sometimes the game gets distracted!

To return to original work hours, click "Return to Company Default Hours." Warning: This will reset your work hours for all careers.

Known Bugs:
  • A bug has been reported that sometimes sims will come home from work but their icon won't say that they're home.  I'm working to figure out what's causing this, but in the meantime if this happens you can reset your sim by shift-clicking on them and you should get their "home from work" notification as usual.
  • There has been a bug reported that sometimes on opening a save the time has been reset to Sunday at 8am; closing and re-opening the save seems to temporarily fix the issue.  
  • If you delete this mod while your sim is at work, the sim will remain at work until the end of their shift even as their work hours have been reset.

If you experience this or any other bugs, please let me know when you can so I can work on a fix.  I am actively addressing any and all bugs as they occur and want to do my best to make this mod as useful as possible.  Any helpful information, including the sim's exact career, whether they were at home or off lot, if you saved while the sim was at work, or anything else you might think could be useful, would be much appreciated!  Thank you so much for your help.

Other Notes:
This mod is fully compatible with TURBODRIVER's multiple career mod. Want your Sim to work as a doctor by morning and criminal by night? Download Turbo's mod at https://modthesims.info/d/653836/unlimited-jobs.html and use 5 Day Work Week to choose hours that won't conflict!

Please drop a comment if you have ideas for other features this mod could have! Hope you enjoy!