Second set of Simified Movie Posters

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Uploaded: 1st Oct 2022 at 9:59 AM
Are you ready to display your love of tv and film AGAIN, simmers?
I'm back from the dead with some more posters.
Another collection of fairly random, varying quality simified posters!

Had the same process as the last set I made, by meshing the original posters with the sims!
as before, in some cases it's just text swapping, and in others it's recreating things in the sims and mixing bits and pieces together from both (like the OLD poster)
there are 7 swatches, those being for:
  • The Batman (2022)
  • Fear Street Trilogy (2021)
  • OLD (2021)
  • NOPE (2022)
  • The Bad Guys (2022)
  • X (2022)
  • Candyman (2021)

These can be found in wall decorations, listed as "Second Simified Posters - Shooshed" and retexture the movie poster frames from Movie Hangout Stuff.

All the OG posters to their proper owners
franzillasims's amazing set of simlish fonts, all of them available here