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4th pack of Simified Wicked Clothes

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Uploaded: 8th Dec 2023 at 12:20 AM
i'm sure the few of you that watch my cc drops are surprised to see me release more so soon. As pure usual, a bunch more simlish shirts, designs by Wicked Clothes (Not affiliated)

This has a masc and fem shirt, both with the same 8 designs, and also 3 "dad cap" styles from the site, with a mesh created by simkoos, who allows recolors to have the original mesh.
without Simkoos, this drop would be hatless, so many many thanks to them.
All available TEEN TO ELDER

Simkoos for the hat mesh, available in a very nice sportswear collection here
All the Credit for the various designs goes entirely to Wicked Clothes all I did was remove the english
franzillasims's amazing set of simlish fonts, all of them available here