Simified Wicked Clothes Tee

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Uploaded: 2nd Oct 2022 at 10:37 AM
Hello again, Simmers!
As I once again dip my toes back into the sims modding,
I'm here once again with some more clothing.
This time, it's a single shirt.
However, this shirt has seven Swatches, all with designs from Wicked Clothes, a website that sells pretty sick dark humor Cultist/cryptid type clothing.
I absolutely love their shirts, so I took it upon myself to Simify them, as I have previously with liquid death and the movie posters.

as I said, this is a single CC that has seven swatches, and it is basegame compatible.
It's available Teen to elder, both frames (although it is based on the masculine shirt, so depending on your feminine proportions it might look a little out of wack)

All the Credit for the various designs goes entirely to Wicked Clothes all I did was remove the english
franzillasims's amazing set of simlish fonts, all of them available here