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Witche's Coven

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Uploaded: 30th Oct 2022 at 12:27 PM
Alrighty then. I don't have any spooky packs, so I decided to make something eh.... witchy? Because this is what your Sims need. Slime, green water, musty bread and lots and lots of orbs.... They just never knew that they needed it:

Listen up and pay attention:

The items can be found here:


*Television - Living Room - Tv's
*Dining Room Table - Dining Room - Dining Tables
*Dining Chair - Dining Room - Dining Chairs
*Desk - Study - Desks
*Desk Chair - Study - Desk Chairs
*Computer - Study - Computers
*Bath - Bathroom - Baths
*Toilet - Bathroom - Toilets
*Sink - Bathroom - Sinks
*Bed - Bedroom - Beds
*End Table - Bedroom - End Tables
*Coffee Table - Living Room - Coffee Tables
*Grill - Kitchen - Stoves


*Floating Candles - Lighting - Lamps
*Ceiling Light - Lighting - Ceiling Lights
*Rugs - Decoration - Rugs
*Bread - Decoration - Miscellaneous


*Tiles - Floor Patterns - Stone
*Murals - Wall Patterns - Wallpaper
*Wallpaper - Wall Patterns - Wallpaper/Rock and Stone

If there's any problems do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy Simming, and as always, stay safe!